Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology


Pharmacology and Toxicology is the scientific discipline that examines the effects, action mechanisms and treatment principles of veterinary drugs, as well as toxic agents for animals also diagnosis and treatment methods of toxication orginated from these agents.



Prof. Dr. Murat Yıldırım (Head of Department)

Prof. Dr. Oya Üstüner

Prof. Dr. Tülay Bakırel

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Handan Vural

Dr. Fulya Üstün Alkan

Dr. Ceren Anlaş

Res. Asst. Ataman Bilge Sarı

Arş. Gör. Yiğit GÜNEŞ




There are fully equipped cell culture, instrumental analysis, galenic pharmacy and student practice laboratories in our department.



Current areas of research investigation in the department include pharmacokinetic and genetic toxicology, as well as we are carrrying out molecularly specific targeted therapy studies that requires advanced technology. It is aimed to provide accurate and reliable results to veterinarians in terms of pharmaceutical industry and drug safety within the content of pharmacokinetics by giving importance to bioequivalance and bioavailability studies. In the field of genetic toxicology, it is aimed to determined mutagenic substances causing genetic damage also cancer risk on next generations and to assess genetic risk potential. Also, in recent years molecular studies relating to medicinal plants and treatment options with medicinal plants are been carried out.

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