Department of Animal Nutrition & Nutritional Diseases


It is a since field that examines nutrition principles, metabolic and nutritional disorders and their mechanism in farm and pet animals, feeds, feed stuffs and diets using in animal nutrition, and also provides scientific and rational solutions against nutritional problems.



Prof. Dr. Tanay Bilal (Head Of Department)

Prof. Dr. Müjdat Alp

Prof. Dr. Neşe Kocabağlı

Prof. Dr. Recep Kahraman

Prof. Dr. İsmail Abaş

Prof. Dr. Gülcan Demirel

Doç. Dr. Ahmet Yavuz Pekel

Dr. Halil Can Kutay

Dr. Onur Keser

Dr. Ayşe Şebnem Bilgin




In this department, there is one laboratory for routine physical and chemical analysis of feeds and feed stuffs, one research laboratory and one student practice room.



Nutrients and their metabolisms, nutrient and energy requirements of animals, nutrition and feeding techniques of farm animals pets, exotic and laboratory animals, fish nutrition, clinical nutrition of animals, nutritional and metabolic diseases of animals, feeds and feed stuffs, feed technology, feed additives, antinutritional factors in feeds and feestuffs physical and chemical analysis of feed stuffs.

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